Product Introduction
Asian Pigeonwings, The Joyful Lady. It enchances mental charity, concentration and alertness.
 Lotus, The beauty of thai water plants. Outstanding with blossom and leaf which shown up above the water such as an angel of water.Lotus The Qeen of water plants, was the symbol of pure, peace and wallness.
Plumeria, The Mild and Elegant Flower, was named by Her Majesty Qeen Sirikit which means beautiful and delicate. Plumeria suited with lady who has love peace and positive vision.
Homthai was born in 2015, from the one who was love in Thai Flower’s Scent.
That make an inspiration and idea of creating fragrance product which has Thai Flower’s Scent as identity, premium packaging and easily to use.Creative of all product it’s also about sharing a great expirence. Let them know “We will introduce you to the beautiful world that you never knew it before”
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